Monday 15 October 2018 PM (pre-event)

MISP Threat Intelligence Summit 0x04 at 2018. Practical threat intelligence and information sharing for everyone.

Tuesday 16 October 2018 (Talk)

Time Talks and Speakers
09:30 Come to the dark side! We have radical insurance groups & ransomware. (Eireann Leverett, Ankit Gangwal)
10:30 Hypervisor-level debugger: benefits and challenges (Mathieu Tarral)
10:50 Risk Assessment Optimisation with MONARC (Fabien Mathey)
11:15 Real World: Threat Intelligence (Elle Armageddon)
13:00 Let me Yara that for you! (Dan Demeter)
13:30 The (not so profitable) path towards automated heap exploitation (Thais aka barbieauglend)
14:15 Neuro-Hacking (The science behind social engineering and an effective security culture) (Emmanuel Nicaise)
15:15 The Snake keeps reinventing itself (Jean-Ian Boutin and Matthieu Faou)
16:00 WHAT THE FAX?! (Eyal Itkin, Yaniv Balmas)
17:00 Trojans in SS7 - how they bypass all security measures (Sergey Puzankov)
17:45 So you think IoT DDoS botnets are dangerous - Bypassing ISP and Enterprise Anti-DDoS with 90’s technology (Dennis Rand)

Wednesday 17 October 2018 (Talk)

Time Talks and Speakers
08:45 IPC - the broken dream of inherent security (Thanh Bui, Siddharth (Sid) Rao)
09:30 Operating large-scale honeypot sensor networks (Piotr Kijewski)
10:30 Abusing Bash for Windows (Antoine Cervoise)
10:50 Cl4ndestina: privacy by default with a feminist perspective from the Global South (Steffania Paola and Narrira Lemos (Cl4ndestina))
11:15 encrypt! organize! resist!: digital safety for politically vulnerable organizations & civil society (Matt “mateo” Mitchell)
13:00 14 Easy Lessons for Thinking About Complex Adversarial Systems (Eleanor Saitta)
13:30 Education & communication (Ange Albertini)
14:15 Make ARM Shellcode Great Again (Saumil Udayan Shah)
15:15 Finding the best threat intelligence provider for a specific purpose: trials and tribulations (Alicia Hickey, Dror-John Roecher)
16:00 pEp - pretty Easy privacy for everyone! (sva)
17:00 how to hack a Yacht - swimming IoT (Stephan Gerling)
17:45 Simple analysis using pDNS (Irena Damsky)
19:00 Social event (info)

Thursday 18 October 2018 (Talk)

Time Talks and Speakers
08:45 Worms that turn: nematodes and neotodes (Matt Wixey)
09:30 Mind the (Air)Gap (Erez Yalon, Pedro Umbelino)
10:30 Not So Random (Guenaelle De Julis - @b4stet4)
10:50 How we trained the dragon^H classified APKs via ANNs (Roman Graf, Aaron Kaplan)
11:15 Improving Internet Security Through Cooperation: SIE Europe in 2018 (Paul Vixie)
13:00 Building with Privacy by Design (Naomi Freeman)
13:30 Only an Electron Away from Code Execution (Silvia Väli)
14:15 Breaking Parser Logic: Take Your Path Normalization off and Pop 0days Out! (Orange Tsai)
15:00 Modern pentest tricks for faster, wider, greater engagements (Thomas Debize)
16:00 Serial-Killer: Security Analysis of Industrial Serial Device Servers (Florian Adamsky)
17:00 Attacks on Critical Infrastructure and Machinery (Vladimir Kropotov, Dr. Fyodor Yarochkin)
17:45 Practical and Affordable Side-Channel Attacks (Francois Durvaux)

Tuesday 16 October 2018 (Workshops)

Time Hollenfels Vianden - Wiltz Echternach - Diekirch Schengen
09:30 ARM IoT Firmware Emulation (Saumil Udayan Shah) Introduction to Bro Network Security Monitor (Eva Szilagyi, David Szili) Android RE workshop (Axelle Apvrille)  
13:30 Hacking mobile data and phone calls (limited seats ~25) (Priya Chalakkal) Finding security vulnerabilities with modern fuzzing techniques (René Freingruber) Bypassing Windows Driver Signature Enforcement (Csaba Fitzl)  

Wednesday 17 October 2018 (Workshops)

Time Hollenfels Vianden - Wiltz Echternach - Diekirch Schengen
09:30 Teenage Mutant Binja Turtles (Benedikt Schmotzle (byte_swap)) MONARC hands-on with a case study (Fabien Mathey) Log Hunting with Sigma (Thomas Patzke)  
13:30 The Hive / MISP (Adulau) Intro to Binary Analysis with Z3 and Angr (Sam Brown) Getting Your Hands Dirty: How to Analyze the Behavior of Malware Traffic and Web Connections (Veronica Valeros, Sebastian Garcia) Unpacking for Dummies (Paul Jung & Remi Chipaux)

Thursday 18 October 2018 (Workshops)

Time Hollenfels Vianden - Wiltz Echternach - Diekirch Schengen
09:30 Reversing and Vulnerability research of Ethereum Smart Contracts (Patrick Ventuzelo)   Python Toolsmithing 101 (Didier Stevens)  
13:30 Practical Docker Security Workshop (Paul Amar) Malware Triage: Analyzing Malscripts - Return of The Exploits! (Sergei Frankoff, Sean Wilson) Deep dive in the analysis of the dark unindexed corners of Internet (iglocska)  

Friday 19 October 2018 (after-event)