Monday 15 October 2018 PM (pre-event)

MISP Threat Intelligence Summit 0x04 at 2018. Practical threat intelligence and information sharing for everyone.

Tuesday 16 October 2018 (Talk)

Time Talks and Speakers
09:30 Come to the dark side! We have radical insurance groups & ransomware. (Eireann Leverett, Ankit Gangwal)
10:30 Hypervisor-level debugger: benefits and challenges (Mathieu Tarral)
10:50 Risk Assessment Optimisation with MONARC (Fabien Mathey)
11:15 Real World: Threat Intelligence (Elle Armageddon)
13:00 Let me Yara that for you! (Dan Demeter)
13:30 The (not so profitable) path towards automated heap exploitation (Thais aka barbieauglend)
14:15 Neuro-Hacking (The science behind social engineering and an effective security culture) (Emmanuel Nicaise)
15:15 The Snake keeps reinventing itself (Jean-Ian Boutin and Matthieu Faou)
16:00 WHAT THE FAX?! (Eyal Itkin, Yaniv Balmas)
17:00 Trojans in SS7 - how they bypass all security measures (Sergey Puzankov)
17:45 So you think IoT DDoS botnets are dangerous - Bypassing ISP and Enterprise Anti-DDoS with 90’s technology (Dennis Rand)

Wednesday 17 October 2018 (Talk)

Time Talks and Speakers
08:45 IPC - the broken dream of inherent security (Thanh Bui, Siddharth (Sid) Rao)
09:30 Operating large-scale honeypot sensor networks (Piotr Kijewski)
10:30 Abusing Bash for Windows (Antoine Cervoise)
10:50 Cl4ndestina: privacy by default with a feminist perspective from the Global South (Steffania Paola and Narrira Lemos (Cl4ndestina))
11:15 encrypt! organize! resist!: digital safety for politically vulnerable organizations & civil society (Matt “mateo” Mitchell)
13:00 14 Easy Lessons for Thinking About Complex Adversarial Systems (Eleanor Saitta)
13:30 Education & communication (Ange Albertini)
14:15 Make ARM Shellcode Great Again (Saumil Udayan Shah)
15:15 Finding the best threat intelligence provider for a specific purpose: trials and tribulations (Alicia Hickey, Dror-John Roecher)
16:00 pEp - pretty Easy privacy for everyone! (sva)
17:00 how to hack a Yacht - swimming IoT (Stephan Gerling)
17:45 APIs are critical to security people - what I learned trying to discover useful APIs (Alexander Jaeger)
18:10 Simple analysis using pDNS (Irena Damsky)
19:00 Social event (info)

Thursday 18 October 2018 (Talk)

Time Talks and Speakers
08:45 Worms that turn: nematodes and neotodes (Matt Wixey)
09:30 Mind the (Air)Gap (Erez Yalon, Pedro Umbelino)
10:30 Not So Random (Guenaelle De Julis - @b4stet4)
10:50 Dissecting Of Non-Malicious Artifacts: One IP At A Time (Dani Goland, Ido Naor)
11:15 Improving Internet Security Through Cooperation: SIE Europe in 2018 (Paul Vixie)
13:00 Building with Privacy by Design (Naomi Freeman)
13:30 Only an Electron Away from Code Execution (Silvia Väli)
14:15 Breaking Parser Logic: Take Your Path Normalization off and Pop 0days Out! (Orange Tsai)
15:00 Modern pentest tricks for faster, wider, greater engagements (Thomas Debize)
16:00 Serial-Killer: Security Analysis of Industrial Serial Device Servers (Florian Adamsky)
17:00 Attacks on Critical Infrastructure and Machinery (Vladimir Kropotov, Dr. Fyodor Yarochkin)
17:45 Practical and Affordable Side-Channel Attacks (Francois Durvaux)

Tuesday 16 October 2018 (Workshops)

Time Hollenfels Echternach - Diekirch - Fischbach Assembourg Schengen
09:30 ARM IoT Firmware Emulation (Saumil Udayan Shah) Android RE workshop (Axelle Apvrille) Introduction to Bro Network Security Monitor (Eva Szilagyi, David Szili)  
13:30 Hacking mobile data and phone calls (Priya Chalakkal) Bypassing Windows Driver Signature Enforcement (Csaba Fitzl) Finding security vulnerabilities with modern fuzzing techniques (René Freingruber)  

Wednesday 17 October 2018 (Workshops)

Time Hollenfels Echternach - Diekirch - Fischbach Assembourg Schengen
09:30 Teenage Mutant Binja Turtles (Benedikt Schmotzle (byte_swap)) Log Hunting with Sigma (Thomas Patzke) MONARC hands-on with a case study (Fabien Mathey)  
13:30 The Hive / MISP (Adulau) Getting Your Hands Dirty: How to Analyze the Behavior of Malware Traffic and Web Connections (Veronica Valeros, Sebastian Garcia) Intro to Binary Analysis with Z3 and Angr (Sam Brown) Unpacking for Dummies (Paul Jung & Remi Chipaux)

Thursday 18 October 2018 (Workshops)

Time Hollenfels Echternach - Diekirch - Fischbach Assembourg Schengen
09:30 Reversing and Vulnerability research of Ethereum Smart Contracts (Patrick Ventuzelo) Python Toolsmithing 101 (Didier Stevens)    
13:30 Practical Docker Security Workshop (Paul Amar) Ask Me Anything - MISP (iglocska) Malware Triage: Analyzing Malscripts - Return of The Exploits! (Sergei Frankoff, Sean Wilson)  

Friday 19 October 2018 (after-event)